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Webdeveloper from Amsterdam

Best practices for deploying Sitecore to Microsoft Azure

Two weeks ago I gave a presentation at the Dutch Sitecore User Group to share my experiences with deploying Sitecore to Microsoft Azure.

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Best practices for shrinking large Git repositories

After two years of development on some Git repository, it became critically slow that it was causing issues. In this article i'll describe some of the tricks i've did to clean the mess up.


Azure Error Code : Compute. ConstrainedAllocationFailed

Recently i've tried deploying some new webroles to a cloud service and got an allocation error back from Azure. 

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Automate Sitecore deployment to Azure PaaS

Setting up some kind of Continuous Integration process which should save you time on the long term, can be painful sometimes. I hope I can share my experiences with deploying Sitecore applications to Azure Cloud Services in this article.

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Analyze Demandware-logs using Logstash

Normally logs from Demandware are available as plain text-files, available for download through their webdav-environment. When you want to seriously analyze your logs to optimize your site, this isn't the most ideal situation. Tools like logstash can help you to get insight in the performance of your application.

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